spending all your money on workshops and classes and still not booking...

sucks, right?

Here is the ugly truth about this business : You can be a talented, trained actor and still not work if you don't understand the BUSINESS and have the TECH skills it takes to book a job today!

As working actors ourselves, we feel VERY strongly that you shouldn't have to debate whether you can pay for rent or invest in your career each month. That's why we created The New Triple Threat™.

wait...what's The New Triple Threat™ again?

Simply put--it's a members only online community with a holistic approach. We give you the tools you need to master your BUSINESS, your CRAFT and your TECH. There is a membership tier for every level of commitment. No matter where you are in your journey, we got you. :)

The New Triple Threat™ Co-Star Membership is AMAZING! You wanna know why?

Because it was created by WORKING ACTORS for actors. In this starter tier, you get access to courses that cover EVERYTHING we wish we knew when we were starting, all the tips and tricks that you NEED to thrive in this industry, and a strong, non-competitive community of peers. And no...it is not a requirement to have booked a co-star to be in this tier ;)
Alyshia and Anna Smiling to Camera

Your Co-Star Starter Membership Includes:

All of these courses (valued over $2555)

Casting Director Approved

As actors, we are always looking for that extra edge. We often ask ourselves, "What is going to get the Casting Director's attention?"

Knowing the technical aspect of on-camera acting is the thing. And casting doesn't even know how to articulate that because they aren't actors. They just know it when they see it.

Just listen to Seth Caskey (Casting Director for GLOW) talk about what we cover in our What's My Frame? Course
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so what do I actually get as a co-star member of The New Triple Threat™

Our current library includes courses on Framing, Character Building, Script Analysis for Auditions, Editing, On Set Business & Etiquette, Self-Tape Traps, AND our groundbreaking Find Your Light course--which teaches you how to achieve studio light quality self-tapes right from your home. I mean--just look at some of our lighting grads below!

all of this for just $57

when you pay $410 for the year in advance
  • Access to our entire library of current and future courses (currently valued at $2555)

  • Private community page to enhance group learning

  • LIVE Pep Talk Panels with Industry professionals

  • Discounts on private coaching, reader sessions and live classes

this is what happens...

when you Find Your Light!

Once you know how to light yourself, the casting director will be able to see your facial expressions better. The focus will be on YOU! I mean--just look at the difference.

but like...what are the benefits of an online membership program?

  • One Stop Shop for All Things Acting: Business, Tech & Craft

  • Top Notch LA Training That Applies to Any Market

  • Get on the ground intel that isn't taught in any scene study class or grad/conservatory program

  • 24/7 Access To Courses--Never Miss A Class Again

  • Go At Your Own Pace - Fit Into Your Schedule

  • Community Support from Actors in Different Markets

  • Affordable At Any Budget

is it really all that and a bag of chips?

Listen, you don't have to just take our word for it. Check out some our members below talk about how The New Triple Threat™ has helped them.

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  • 00 Hours
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  • 00 Seconds
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Watch Intro Video
Watch Intro Video

ok..but...if it don't make no dollars, it don't make no sense...

We hear you! As an actor, you should be mindful about where and HOW you invest your money. That's why we are SWEETENING the deal with this BLACK FRIDA SALE!

YESSSS!! That's 40% off each month--less than $2 a day to invest in your career!

Let's be honest...you're spending way more than that on your daily coffee--and what has coffee ever done for your career?

When you book one co-star role, you will make at least $1005.00-- that's 2.5x your investment! And yes...we have a finance course coming up in 2022 so you can break that "broke artist" mentality ;)

yeah but--who are you two anyway?

well..allow us to re-introduce ourselves

We are working actors just like YOU. Our approach to actor training is holistic, heart-centered and prioritizes YOUR authenticity and empowerment. Our courses and classes have been game changers for hundreds of actors around the world.

 Anna LaMadrid is an actress (Vida; Grey's Anatomy; The Goldbergs; This Fool) and the founder of Put Me On Self-Tape - an LA Based Coaching and Self-Tape Studio. Her clients include working actors: Bridget Regan (Jane The Virgin), Travis Van Winkle (YOU on Netflix), Meagan Good (Prodigal Son), and more. She completed a Two Year Meisner Conservatory program with acclaimed teacher Maggie Flanigan in New York City. In 2015, she received her MFA from University of Washington where she taught undergrad acting students and developed her love for coaching. 

Alyshia Ochse is an actress (True Detective, The Other Woman, The Purge), producer, best-selling author, and podcaster. She's the founder of That One Audition Podcast, a widely recognized podcast that shares honest, humorous, and inspirational conversations with on-screen storytellers and Hollywood influencers like: Jason Momoa, Laurence Fishburne, Jasmine Cephas-Jones, Emily Mortimer, Chris Sullivan, Simone Missick, Michelle Monaghan, and more. She books 70% of her jobs from self-tapes.

We've Got Answers.

Need more answers?
Email: pmomembership@gmail.com

  • Will these classes/courses be live?

    Yes and No. Monthly live classes are only available if you are in the Series Regular membership. All memberships have access to the pre-recorded online course library provided to educate and practice at your own pace. Four new courses will be added in 2021. These will be taught as live classes and then added to the library at a later date. Members will have access to all future courses for the duration of their membership. Each member will receive a discount code to enroll in future live classes open to members and non-members.

  • Is there direct access to Anna and Alyshia?

    There are varying degrees of access to Anna and Alyshia. Guest Star and Series Regular members will be able to attend one hour virtual check-ins with Anna for a Tech Q&A and with Alyshia for a Character Development Q&A. This will be an open conversation for all Guest Star and Series Regular members to attend and ask questions. Series Regular memberships will also include a monthly PMO Pop-Up taught by Alyshia and/or Anna. Plus, discounts on coaching/consulting will be available for all members.

  • Is there a limit to how many members are allowed to be in each tier?

    Yes, our Series Regular membership will be available for enrollment for a selected max of 50 actors. This level is for committed artists who are ready to take their careers to the next level. In this level, a live class will happen monthly with individual feedback on tech/process on your self-tapes. Plus, live panels with Alyshia, Anna and an industry professional.

  • Do I have to become a member to get access to your courses? What if I just want the lighting course?

    No, you don't have to become a member to get access to our courses. You can definitely purchase them a la carte (click on the ALL COURSES link in the navigation bar above). When you purchase them a la carte, you own the courses forever. When you become a member, you only have access to the courses for the duration of your membership.

  • Is there a minimum commitment to stay in the membership?

    Nope. You can cancel your membership at anytime. However, we HIGHLY recommend that you commit a minimum of ONE year for either the Co-star or Guest Star membership. The courses in our library build on each other and have concepts that take time to process and apply to your work before you notice any big shifts. However, because the Series Regular membership has more responsibility and access to practicing your tapes monthly with our guidance, we recommend at least a SIX month commitment for that membership level.

  • Do I get lifetime access to the courses?

    Our memberships allow you to lease the material for the duration of the membership. If you would like lifetime access to the online courses you have the option to “buy” them at full price and then lifetime access is yours!

  • If I already purchased a course, can I get credit for the membership?

    No, there are no refunds. If you have already purchased a course, it is yours! You will have it for life. If we do updates to the course that you have purchased, those updates will automatically update in your purchased course.

  • Will Alyshia or Anna get to see me "act" in the membership program?

    Yes, depending on your membership level. Series Regular members will receive feedback on their self-tapes in at the monthly Pop-Up. Also, all members will be able to enroll in live courses that are announced with a 10-20% discount code depending on your membership tier. If you are not a member of The New Triple Threat®, you will have to the opportunity to enroll live classes at full price after members have had the opportunity to sign up.

  • Are there assigned sides or can we bring our own sides to the Pop-Ups?

    We provide sides for all our classes. Invaluable learning happens when you see other actors and community members approach the same character and same set of sides. Anna and Alyshia have chosen scenes for the series regular level that will help elevate everyone in the group. Same sides help create community learning and also help reinforce the belief that this career is about “selection not rejection”.