By the end of this course, you will

  • Edit with Ease

    Editing guidelines and tips to make sure your self-tapes look professional and create an engaging viewing experience.

  • Deliver Like A Pro

    Step by Step instructions on how to export your videos to get them under that 100MB limit requested by CDs.

  • Save Money

    Edit and update for your own reel to keep you competitive by providing your reps with the tools they need to pitch YOU.

What Students Are Saying...

“Anna gives comprehensive information on all aspects: putting it together, how to choose what you want to use and lots of tips along the way helping you to create vibrant self tapes and reels that will stand out!

Livia Treviño

“This course has everything you need to feel confident editing your self tapes! I have also been working on my reel and am excited to share it once I finish up a few things. Thank you, Anna! Editing course has been one of the best courses so far!”

Stephanie Schneider

What We Will Cover

    1. Hello from Anna

    2. How This Course Works

    3. Before we begin...

    1. Before You Start Taping...

    2. More Than One Scene?

    3. Selecting You Takes

    4. Editing on Your Computer vs. Phone

    1. The Importance of Device Maintenance

    2. Tips for Optimizing Memory on Your Device

    3. Why Have a Self-Tape Library & Where to Store

    1. Setting Up Title Cards & Transitions

    2. Putting Multiple Scenes/Takes in One File

    3. Regulating Volume in a Scene

    4. Split Screen Slates

    5. Cropping in Post

    6. How To Customize Export Settings

    7. Create Template File and Replace Files

    8. Video Library Maintenance for iMovie

    1. Prepping Files for Adobe Rush

    2. Adding Title Cards

    3. Trimming Clips and Adding Transitions

    4. Adjusting Volume in a Clip

    5. Cropping in Post

    6. Exporting Files and Saving a Template

    7. Replacing Files and Adding a Full Body Slate

    8. File Maintenance with Adobe Rush

    1. Be Versatile! Let's Start WeTransfer

    2. Send Your Tape via Vimeo

    3. Send Your Tape via HighTail


  • 38 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content


Anna LaMadrid

Owner & Master Coach at Put Me On Self-Tape

Anna studied with acclaimed Meisner teacher, Maggie Flanigan in NYC. She received her MFA from the University of Washington where she TA'd for undergrad acting students and discovered her love of coaching. She was selected to participate in the Disney Discovers Showcase. She founded Put Me On Self-Tape in 2016 and coaches working actors on their self-tape and in-person auditions. Clients include: Bridget Regan (Jane The Virgin, Bat Woman), Travis Van Winkle (YOU on Netflix), Dina Shihabi (Archive 81, Jack Ryan) and more.

TV credits include: Fake Angela on HBO's The Rehearsal, Recurring as Rocio on Hulu's This Fool, The Goldbergs, Vida, Grey's Anatomy, and more