We're Baaaack...

With More "Actor Trap" Sides For Ya!

Join us for this 4-week offering where you will HONE YOUR PREP and test how much time you actually need to prepare in order to deliver EVERY time. You will rediscover your sense of PLAY. You will increase your confidence in creating compelling self-tapes. And HAVE FUN working on challenging material so that you are READY to create stellar self-tapes when they come!

What We Will Cover

Each week we will tackle a different genre: 1) Co-Star, 2) Activity, 3) Comedy, and 4) Impediment/Triage. From how to incorporate physical impediments to all of those HIGH stakes hospital procedural shows to creating filling out the world of Co-Star sides to create bookable tapes! Live Sessions will be held Fridays from 11a to 1p (PDT) on Zoom. First class is May 7, 2021.

Due to class size, we will not be giving feedback to every tape submitted. Selected tapes will be used to highlight lessons and tips for you to apply a critical eye to your self-tapes. We want to arm you with the tools to take ownership of your creative process and feel confident working on your tapes on your own. No more "actor guru" mentality.

Note: No refunds after May 1, 2021

  • Four (4) Opportunities A Month (1X per week) to "Slay Your Self-Tapes"

  • Audition Sides Provided Weekly! ​ FIRST WEEK SIDES WILL BE RELEASED MAY 2

  • "Play by Play" Live Feedback/Q&A Zoom Session of selected tapes with Alyshia and Anna. Sessions will be recorded and available to all participants to process notes with their self-tapes

  • A Private Discussion Page for all participants to create a place to share tips, find readers, and establish support system no matter where you are.

By the end of this course, you will....

  • Get Practice

    With auditions starting to pop up and all the tech requirements expected from actors--practice getting all your tech in place and process in place so you don't scramble when the call comes! Feel confident and put your best take forward!

  • Get Challenged

    We got (4) self-tape challenges where you can practice tackling some common "Actor Trap" genre sides. High stakes, highly physical, using the frame, creating a world and more!

  • Get Inspired

    You will get an opportunity to view self-tape submissions from your fellow classmates so you can get inspiration for your future self-tapes. All artists borrow and steal :) Build your visual library for your storytelling!

Your Instructors

Anna LaMadrid

Owner & Master Coach at Put Me On Self-Tape

Anna studied with acclaimed Meisner teacher, Maggie Flanigan in NYC. She received her MFA from the University of Washington where she TA'd for undergrad acting students and discovered her love of coaching. She was selected to participate in the Disney Discovers Showcase. She founded Put Me On Self-Tape in 2016 and coaches working actors on their self-tape and in-person auditions. Clients include: Bridget Regan (Jane The Virgin, Bat Woman), Travis Van Winkle (YOU on Netflix), Dina Shihabi (Archive 81, Jack Ryan) and more.

TV credits include: Fake Angela on HBO's The Rehearsal, Recurring as Rocio on Hulu's This Fool, The Goldbergs, Vida, Grey's Anatomy, and more

Alyshia Ochse

Actor, Author & Podcaster

Alyshia Ochse hosts an honest, humorous and inspirational podcast, THAT ONE AUDITION. These days, Alyshia is best known as “Lucy” opposite Academy Award Winner, Matthew McConaughey, from the critically-acclaimed and Golden Globe nominated TRUE DETECTIVE, as well as her previous roles in Satisfaction, How I Met Your Mother, Hart of Dixie, and more. Alyshia’s other credits include roles in such movies as The Other Woman, Parker, and Marauders.

Recently Alyshia recurred #FREERAYSHAWN - the Emmy-winning short form series produced by Antoine Fuqua ​opposite Laurence Fishburne.