“I attended Anna and Alyshia’s session on Slates back in January and it left a lasting and career-altering impression. Anna’s validating and encouraging words to be AUTHENTICALLY ME in the slate, shifted how I present myself not only in my slates, but in my overall auditions. People of color, especially with urban backgrounds, often feel the pressure to strip down our cultural backgrounds and ethnicities. Anna’s simple words of “Just be YOU,” was empowering and I soon began to apply it to all my self tapes. Since attending the session, I have been pinned several times and I recently booked my first SAG National commercial. I believe that these career milestones happened once I made the shift to present myself genuinely. Extremely grateful for Anna’s wisdom, expertise, and love for the craft and the community.”

Cedric Leiba, High Maintenance (HBO)

“I just did my audition and they were blown away. And it was because you walked me through how to be smarter about my choices. This was my 1st zoom audition that wasn’t a call back and I felt like a f*cking Boss 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Thank you for helping me strengthen my inner artist warrior. You truly have been a blessing in my life. They barely had any notes they were just like: "F*ck Rinska" 😭😭😭😭 I love you so much. ”

Rinska Carrasco, Chicago P.D.

“The New Triple Threat will open up doors in your auditions. The way of the future is definitely self-tapes and it's so easy to not stand out in a tape. Everyone you're auditioning against is a good actor so performance isn't enough. TN3T sets you over the top by incorporating intelligent tools to tell story better and make your tapes pop. I was blown away by how much simple adjustments made HUGE differences in my tapes. Over the course of one class, I saw a night and day difference in the tape I first recorded and the final tape I recorded for class. The tools this community provides helps you speak the language of the exact people you are hoping will book you!”

Jacob Zukowski