Industry Professionals Include:

    1. Pep Talk with Make-Up Artist Stacey Hummell

    2. Pep Talk with Script Supervisor Janine Gosselin

    3. Pep Talk with Showrunner/Writer Theo Travers

    4. Pep Talk with Actor/Writer/Director Keith Powell

    5. BONUS: Town Hall with Anna and Alyshia - April 2023

    6. Pep Talk with VO Artist Sarah Hollis

    7. IG Live with Actor/Filmmaker and Data Scientist Lauren Neal

    1. Pep Talk with Casting Director David Rapaport

    2. Pep Talk with Elena Campbell-Martinez / Prepping for Actor Taxes

    3. BONUS: Town Hall with Alyshia and Anna - March 2022

    4. Pep Talk with Actor Dina Shihabi on Lessons Learned from her First Series Lead

    5. Pep Talk with CD Jennifer Cooper

    6. BONUS: Town Hall with Alyshia and Anna - June 2022

    7. Pep Talk with Brian Patacca / Being an Empowered Actor with Your Reps

    8. Pep Talk with Tonatiuh - The Business of Acting

    9. Pep Talk with Showrunner Jake Weisman - Get Comfortable with Failure

    10. Pep Talk with Publicist Kasey Kitchen

    11. Pep Talk with Actor and Comedy Writer Shawn Parikh

    12. BONUS: Town Hall with Anna & Alyshia - November 2022

    13. Pep Talk with Casting Director Victor Vazquez

    14. Pep Talk with Stylist Arielle Antoine

    1. Pep Talk with Actor: Travis Van Winkle from Netflix's YOU and more.

    2. Pep Talk with Talent Agent: Tamer Ahsan

    3. Pep Talk with: Theatre & Film Director Michelle Bossy

    4. Pep Talk with: Major Network Casting Exec

    5. Pep Talk with Comedy TV Director: Payman Benz

    6. Pep Talk with Headshot Photographer and Actor: Jackson Davis

    7. Pep Talk with Holistic Dialect Coach Lauren Lovett

    8. Pep Talk with Actor & Mindset Coach David Carzell

    9. Pep Talk with TV and Emmy Nominated TV/Film Editor: JoAnne Yarrow

    10. Pep Talk with Travis Van Winkle: Life After A Series Regular

    11. Pep Talk with Pen Densham: Oscar Nominated Writer/Director

    12. Pep Talk with Actress Bridget Regan from Jane the Virgin and more.

    13. Pep Talk with Actress Katie Lowes from Scandal and more.

    14. Pep Talk with Mentor & Empowerment Coach Nicola Salter

    15. BONUS: PMO Pep Talk: All About Slates with Alyshia and Anna

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