• What's a Character Chat?

    A monthly 1HR virtual group coaching session led by Alyshia where she talks more in depth about the acting process, craft and/or technique. This is also an opportunity to workshop any upcoming auditions or any leftover questions from previous Pop Ups. Only available for Guest Star and Series Regular members.

    *1st Wednesday of Every Month
    at 10a (PDT)
    Playback Available

  • What's a Tech/Biz Talk?

    A monthly 1Hr virtual group coaching session led by Anna to talk about all things tech. There will be gear recs, troubleshooting tips to ease your tech anxieties and real time advice to up level your self tapes. Anna also covers any business and/or industry questions. Only available for Guest Star and Series Regular members.

    *2nd Monday of Every Month
    at 10a (PDT)
    Playback Available

  • What's a Pep Talk?

    A monthly virtual chat with an industry professional facilitated by Anna and Alyshia where you get insights on current trends in our ever evolving business. Guests have included top level Casting Directors, Showrunners, Directors, Executives, Series Regulars, etc. Available to ALL MEMBERS.

    Schedule varies due to guest availability.
    Playback Available

  • What's a Pop Up?

    A monthly virtual audition workout with fellow members using sides from recently cast shows. Pop Ups are curated by themes (Multi Cam, Procedurals, Sci Fi, etc.) and alternate between self tapes and LIVE virtual auditions. Sides are provided. Series Regular Pop Up led by Anna and Alyshia. Guest Star Pop Up led by PMO Coaches Sol and Abby.

    *SR Pop Up: 3rd Friday of Every Month at 10a-12p (PDT)
    *GS Pop Up: Last Friday of Every Month at 1p-3p (PDT)
    Playback Available

  • What's a R.I.S.E. Session?

    Monthly/Weekly community support R.I.S.E. meetings to reflect, inspire, support, and elevate you as a working actor. Keep accountability, discipline and healthy mindset as your main priority to track progress in safe space. Only available for Guest Star on the last Tuesday of every month from 1:30p - 3:30p (PDT). Series Regular members meet the 1st, 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month 10a -12p (PDT).
    Virtual. Not recorded.

  • What's a Town Hall?

    A quarterly check-in with Anna and Alyshia where all members can share their experience in the membership and in their acting journey. Anna and Alyshia will also cover trending topics, upcoming New Triple Threat events while offering support along the way. Schedule varies depending on Anna and Alyshia's availability.
    Virtual with Playback Available.

General Membership Info

  • Will these classes/courses be live?

    Yes and No. Monthly live classes are only available if you are in the Series Regular and Guest Star membership. All memberships have access to the pre-recorded online course library provided to educate and practice at your own pace. Members will have access to all future courses for the duration of their membership. Each member will receive a discount code to enroll in future LIVE virtual classes open to members and non-members.

  • Is there a minimum commitment to stay in the membership?

    Nope. You can cancel your membership at anytime. However, we HIGHLY recommend that you commit a minimum of ONE year for the Co-star or 6 months for the Guest Star and Series Regular membership. The courses in our library build on each other and have concepts that take time to process and apply to your work before you notice any big shifts in your work. Consistency is key.

  • Do I get lifetime access to the courses?

    Our memberships allow you to lease the material for the duration of your membership. If you would like lifetime access to the online courses you have the option to buy them and then lifetime access is yours!

  • Can I just buy the lighting course?

    Yes. You can definitely purchase any of our courses a la carte. When you purchase la carte, you own the courses forever. When you become a member, you lease the courses for the duration of your membership.

  • If I already purchased a course, can I get credit for the membership?

    No, there are no refunds. If you have already purchased a course, it is yours! You will have it for life. If we do updates to the course that you have purchased, those updates will automatically update in your purchased course.

  • Are there assigned sides or can we bring our own sides to the Pop-Ups?

    We provide audition materials for all of our classes. Invaluable learning happens when you see other actors and community members approach the same character and same set of sides.

  • Is there direct access to Anna and Alyshia?

    Guest Star and Series Regular members will be able to attend one hour monthly virtual group coaching calls with Anna for Tech/Biz and Alyshia for a Character Development. This will be an open conversation for all Guest Star and Series Regular members to attend and ask questions. All sessions are recorded for playback. Series Regular members will also have a monthly Pop-Up taught by Alyshia and Anna with feedback to develop your critical eye.