Applications open
on January 15, 2023

The New Triple Threat Scholarships are offered annually to actors at all levels, and are intended to support underrepresented communities in the entertainment industry. Deadline to apply: March 1st, 2023.

Note: Two scholarships will be rewarded in 2023. All applicants will receive notification via email approximately March 15, 2023.


Choose only ONE side to submit with your application

You must submit a self-tape audition to be considered for the scholarship. Please choose between COMEDY or DRAMA scene. Please include a slate at the end. Have fun! We want to see your creativity :)



    One (1) actor will be awarded 6 months in the Series Regular Membership PLUS a self-tape home studio gear package that includes two lights and a mic.
    (Valued at $1288)


    One (1) actor will be awarded 6 months in the Series Regular Membership working with co-founders, Alyshia and Anna.
    (Valued at $1002)


Between the courses and the live Pop Ups, I feel amazed at all the resources I am getting for such an affordable price. I am so thankful for this membership - more than anything, I truly believe it is allowing me to work SMARTER. The MINE YOUR SCRIPT course in particular has been a game changer!”

Nina Concepcion from LA / 9-1-1 Lone Star, Shining Vale, and more.

“Anna and Alyshia are so incredibly insightful. I can honestly say that this membership has really made me excited to do self-tapes. I didn't necessarily feel that way before and sometimes, loathed anytime I got a self-tape request because I preferred the room. Now, I am really really looking forward to seeing what happens with my self tapes and career in the future because of the knowledge I've picked up here. Thank you both a million times over. ”

Charles Maceo from LA / Big Little Lies, S.W.A.T

“This community helps keep me focused and feel connected — so important to me especially since so much about the industry has changed in the last few years! Thank you both for doing what you do. ”

Rita Marchelya from LA / As The World Turns

I would have never been able to see as much growth as I did in 2022 without taking advantage of the resources made available to me through my membership. Previously I was uncomfortable getting help from my peers who were so much further up the staircase. I failed to realize that it was a safe space to learn and grow.”

Leslie Adlam from Canada / Slumberland, Locke & Key, and more.

“Anna and Alyshia are a fantastic partnership that play well to supporting the creative spirit of their members yet calling out and steering talent with love. I have more growing pains than others and yet appreciate and honor the honest performance feedback. The feedback is gold filled with direct truth and heart. Anna and Alyshia are close to the industry and have offered nothing less than solid direction. I have yet to be disappointed with their monthly guest speakers and coaching. I love being on the east coast and having the ability to tap into the L.A. ins and outs. It’s a god send that I can still practice the craft and get direction whether on or off set. This is the dreamy one stop shop. Quality coaching and learning at my own pace/schedule all at an affordable price.

Yasmine Ryback from Chicago/ Monarch

I’ve never been more inspired to work on bettering myself as an actor and as an artist. The mindset cultivated by this program and community has me enjoying every step of this process. ”

Eli Santana from LA / Pam and Tommy, Grace & Frankie, West World, and more.

Love this community! I'm making the most out of the courses, live content, and community. I truly love what is being built. The transparency is so necessary--now that almost everything is remote. The kindness/mentally healthy environment that all of you offer, and the support/updates have been a lifeline during these times!”

Denisse Ojeda / Single Parents (ABC), The Conners, and more.

“I must say your Find Your Light lighting course, Content is Confidence character building course PLUS the Self-Tape May classes have totally changed my tapes! I've got a direct booking from my tape and have been pinned and sent to producers multiple times since starting this membership. I'm SO grateful to you Anna and Alyshia. You lead, you inspire, you uplift, you give so much!”

Brooke McCormick from LA / Bosch


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  • Training to be prepared on set
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    • For which classes do you award scholarships?

      We award scholarships for the Series Regular Membership. It includes the full library of our online courses as well as monthly live Pop-Up Audition Workout class with Anna and Alyshia, community coaching zoom meetings for Character Development and Tech Support, three R.I.S.E. sessions a month, and Pep Talks with industry professionals.

    • Who can apply?

      We are open to receiving applications from anyone who considers themselves part of an underrepresented community. We highly encourage BIPOC, LGBTQIA and/or Non-Binary actors to apply.

    • Do I have to audition before applying for the scholarship?

      Students applying for scholarships must fill out the provided application form, submit a recent self-tape and give a brief explanation of your “why” and your goals. No exceptions.

    • By what criteria are applications reviewed?

      • Does the applicant attempt to thoughtfully and fully answer each question?
      • Do they state clear goals?
      • Do they convey a sincere desire to train at The New Triple Threat?
      • Do they articulate why they want to train at TNTT?
      • Do they demonstrate an understanding or appreciation for acting?
      • Do they speak from a perspective or point of view that is unique to them?
    • Can this be my first class with The New Triple Threat?


    • When will I be notified of a scholarship award?

      All applicants will receive notification via email approximately March 15, 2023.

    • Can an existing member apply for the scholarship? I'm already a member.

      A scholarship can be awarded to an existing member only if we receive a request from the student before the payment is be automatically deducted.

    Your Instructors

    Anna LaMadrid

    Owner & Master Coach at Put Me On Self-Tape

    Anna studied with acclaimed Meisner teacher, Maggie Flanigan in NYC. She received her MFA from the University of Washington where she TA'd for undergrad acting students and discovered her love of coaching. She was selected to participate in the Disney Discovers Showcase. She founded Put Me On Self-Tape in 2016 and coaches working actors on their self-tape and in-person auditions. Clients include: Bridget Regan (Jane The Virgin, Bat Woman), Travis Van Winkle (YOU on Netflix), Dina Shihabi (Archive 81, Jack Ryan) and more.

    TV credits include: Fake Angela on HBO's The Rehearsal, Recurring as Rocio on Hulu's This Fool, The Goldbergs, Vida, Grey's Anatomy, and more

    Alyshia Ochse

    Actor, Author & Podcaster

    Alyshia Ochse hosts an honest, humorous and inspirational podcast, THAT ONE AUDITION. These days, Alyshia is best known as “Lucy” opposite Academy Award Winner, Matthew McConaughey, from the critically-acclaimed and Golden Globe nominated TRUE DETECTIVE, as well as her previous roles in Satisfaction, How I Met Your Mother, Hart of Dixie, and more. Alyshia’s other credits include roles in such movies as The Other Woman, Parker, and Marauders.

    Recently Alyshia recurred #FREERAYSHAWN - the Emmy-winning short form series produced by Antoine Fuqua ​opposite Laurence Fishburne.